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We finally got an actual snow storm in central Ontario. The giant flakes and accumulation has the the traffic down so Youngbuck and I went out for a 1 tank road ride around the township. Wet sloppy conditions but we'll take what we can get this season. So around 10 tonight we're runnin along a concession road just north of home, not too fast due to visibility, and the sky and surroundings light up as clear as day...startled both of us enuff to stop
! In 35 years I have never ridden in a thunder storm!! It was a bit spooky
Youngbuck runs up to me and asks...*%@? Once in a lifetime riding experience? No... we get two more brilliant flashes on the trip home and the thunder could be heard in the helmet even with Skynard pumpin thru the Communicator. We get back here and my son tells me thats the coolest thing he's seen since we watched the (Halle Bop) comet while stopped on the lake. He was 3 at that time and hasn't forgotten it. Ya just can't beat this sport, or should I say, way of life!
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