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Im new to do talk. And I have a couple questions about installing a temp gauge in my 2003 skidoo legend 500.

I recently purchased a temp gauge that came off a skidoo triple and the sensor/sending unit. The threads on the sensor and the threads in the head are different. So I took and put a brass T from where the motor feeds antifreeze through the carbs and put the sensor in the hose there. I then installed my guage. the factory harness is a three prong clip. but the guage came with a four prong clip? So I took the clip apart and matched the wire colors. And ran wires down to my sensor. I started up my sled and it immediatly goes to the middle portion of the guage, then as soon as I take off it shoots up to the red part of the gauge?

Ive tryed switching the wiring around. I thought it might of been a bad sensor but I was sent a different one, and the same thing happens. Im not sure what im doing wrong? Any info or tips would be much appreciated.

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