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Keeping the side panels clean

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I am new to this forum, but I'm sure this topic has been beat to death already. In another post I mentioned my frustration at keeping the side panels clean from the exaust smoke and 1 guy mentioned carb cleaner on the yellow. My side panels are red - has anyone had any experience with colour fade, damage to the stickers or anything like that.

What does everyone else do. (I just don't want to have to spend an hour after every ride washing my side panels.)

I had also heard WD40 was good.

Second thought - if I coat the panels with something like this how does it affect your knees (clothing) when you have to ride with knees on the panels like when a day becomes riding on stutter bumps all day - kinda like this guy is doing...
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Clear coat them with a rattle can. I can just wipe mine off with a damp cloth now!
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which motor do you have that is putting out that much smoke that is does it after every ride?

I know after a few it can add up but after just one??

I would check my oil useage first... then try different oil, and finally scrubbing bubbles cleans the side panels in 30 seconds... (just be sure the can is warm) so you can save 59 minutes...
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I use Easy-Off BBQ cleaner on a Red 97 F500 Bellypan. It works Awesome, BUT be careful. This stuff can be nasty, I think it hates aluminum, i'm not sure, but the plastic cleans sooo quick.
I don't care what motor you have the exhaust stains are NASTY if you actually RIDE your machine. A trailer queen might not have a nasty exhaust stain, but my sled gets 4,000 miles or more a year and it gets pretty ugly. Especially after you go on a trip and ride 1,000 miles and never wipe the stains off.

The clear coating was my only solution, and it did wonders.

I HATE cleaning my sled, I'd rather be riding it that polishing it. I have a collector car to polish and a sled to RIDE!
Clear coat it before the snow flies, and ride when theres snow.
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