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While riding last weekend, I blew the 20 amp fuse that runs the tail light, the hand and thumg warmers, and tack and speed gage. I replaced the fuse and rode some more, and the fuse blew, replaced, again, and it continued to blow right away. Rode the rest of the weekend with no fuse. Returned home and put new fuse and now everything works. Any ideas? How long is it going to work?


Use your multimeter to check for a short.
1.remove blown fuse
2.Place positive probe of the meter on the power side of the circuit where the fuse was at. negative probe on a good ground
4.Set meter for ohms
5.a short will indicate lower ohms.
6.start unplugging each component one at a time while watching meter
If you unplug say the handlebar warmers and get the same reading as before then the short is somewhere else
if you unplug it and the ready goes to high ohms then you`ve found the short.
I`ve used that procedure on circuits with one component and have been successful
Should work on circuits with multiple components as well.

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I have the same sled (2005 MXZ Renegade 800X). My sled and my riding buddy had this same issue last year. After 15 fuses in 3 weekends, I brought it to the dealer. They updated the BUDS (sp?) Software and it has not happened again in 1200 + miles.

Good Luck.
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