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Picked up my sled yesterday from the dealer. Decided to run it up to the lake for a quick test run before going to work. Noticeable difference in performance.
Sled quit last Sunday while running at wot across the lake. Rpm's dropped off from 8000 down to 6000 and started popping and coolant light was flashing and beeping. Let off the throttle and it seemed to idle fine but when I went to go again all it would do was breakup and pop out the exhaust. Checked plugs for gray matter but they looked fine, only thing I noticed was belt was starting to shred.(second belt in 650miles) Ended up towing it off the lake with fiance's 500ss.
Tech at the new dealer I dealer I'm going to (screw Seymours) confirmed my suspicions. Turns out there were several fault codes for E-raves out of adjustment. Tech had the new bulletin on how to set them. They also did cold start update.
Also had them look into why it was blowing belts. They found drives do be misaligned by 3mm. Work order also says that according to operator profile on computer that I spend most of my time in the 3500 rpm range which could be hard on the belt from low side pressure. This I don't understand as most of the time I have it to the bar across the lake. They also recommended some more pin weight. But I am maxed out with my Cudney trail kit at 18.63 grams already.

One other problem I had was sled quit when it was low on fuel twice. This was with guage showing a 1/4 or less. I know it had some gas still in it but when more fuel was added it fired right up. The tech that worked on it said there was also a fault code for open circuit to mag side pump. He said he checked all the wiring and couldn't get it to duplicate it. So it does have an intermitent fuel pump problem. Could be the same thing other guys are seeing and thinking they are running out early.
Sorry for the long post but thought some of these problems might shed some light on problems that others are having.

On a brighter note the sled now runs awsome. I hit my highest ever gps speed of 115mph (digital speedo was reading 121)on harpack covered lake with air temps pushing 50 degrees. Previous best in better conditions was 108mph.
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