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well, i got to see if my clutching worked.

my buddy came with us this weekend on his rx 1
i havent ridden with him since i did my clutch, but befor we where about dead even every time from a roll, and from a stop, it was all traction, but i usually got him.
i tried it out with my new clutch this saturday, and right away from 50, i open up 2-3 bikes easy

from a stop, he didnt get me once!!!
so that said, i know my clutch worked, but i still cant get my buddies clutch 06 f7 and my other buddies clutched/piped/caned f7
i did smoke 2 snow pro's tho like nothing!! from a stop, roll, and even deeper snow (6-7")

so here is the thing. if they hooked better then me, i could just see them pull away.
if we left the same, they would pull 2-3 bikes by 100 mph
if i hooked first, i would open about 1/2-1 sled, and by 100 they would be about 1 sled out on me!!
sup wit dat!
i was thinking gear it for the bottom end, and then do some reeds and carb boots (have to do the boots so they dont fall apart on me) for top end. maybe a pipe and can as well to make up for the gearing?
what do you think?

also, i was topped at 109-111 befor the clutch, and after it, and i adjusting the clickers to spin the tach to about 7900, i saw 115 yeterday on pretty much ice (some snow drifts ect)

what to do? thanks

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okay what are you talkin bout bikes? are you racing on the side of the road with bikes or you racing sleds? Lol (don't mind me I'm an AZZ) just was buggin me. Th rx-1 have a LOT of wieght on the f-7 and only like 15 more hp stock as where the f 7's with the planetary gear setup get more power to the track less wasted Hp. They are no doubt quick sleds and with the pipes can clutches you describe I could def see them walkin away. My gsx 600 ho has a dry wieght of 499 lbs. so figure you are 20 some pounds heaveir than the f 7 as well. still is a good accomplishment gettin an rx 1 I rode a apex last trip up and at 98 on the dream o meter it passes my sled like I am in reverse. I am bone stock though only 520 miles on mine broken in time to add some hp this summer
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