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Jerry can/Tunnel bag

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First .....I'm going to buy a jerry can for my sled, what I'm wondering is if it is possible to paint the jerry can a different color other than red and is there a specific kind of paint that I need to use?

Second.... My tunnel bag, is there someone that makes extra tie straps/or some way to lengthen them because once I have the jerry can in place I still would like to be able to carry my tunnel bag.

And Agian Thanks in advance for your help......Doug
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I guess you could paint it I would use the fusion paint from krylon.

If you want to get fancy tourbuddy makes a version to fit on the back of the sled on for the 03's which I am wondering if you can fit on the 05 as well that fits in the trunk area and holds 2 gals of gas and on for the 04+ that fits where the tunnel bag would sit and holds 3 or 4 gals and is black looks nice. The nice thing about the tour buddy is the gas automatically goes into the gas tank as the main tank runs low so in essence you have a 13+ gallon tank and never have to take it off the sled and dump it into the main tank. down side is your buddy runs out of gas you gotta syphon instead of lifting off the can.
Kylon fusion should be fine for the jerry can, any place that rubs you really won't see like the front by the seat base. you can go to a place like Cabelas and probaby buy similar size nylon webbing and sew extentions in.
Not sure why you want to paint the can. Most if not all states require the can to be red if you plan on putting gas into it. So you might have trouble on the trails filling it.

Regarding extending the straps, that is pretty simple. Fastex make a buckle that you can get for about a buck and then you weave through some additional strap material. I got mine at a local REI store, but any good climbing or backpacking store should have the buckle and straps.
I don't know how long the paint will last on a gas can , I think if u spill some it will probly peel of the paint or change the color , its worth a try
The can expands and contracts a lot with temperature so the paint may crack during the year. The 03' tour buddy does not fit in the 04 and up rev trunk. They have a special one for the 04-06 sleds.
I use a motor cycle web bungee cord to hold my bag on behind my jerry can. It works very well, I've never lost it - even after some really long cross country rides.


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The dootalk member with all black rev (tunnel, skid & everything black) painted his gas can black too.
I like some of these ideas......very helpful.......
Thanks guys

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