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Here is a complete guide to installing the LinQ system and the White Out Technologies plate system an a REV chassis sled.

Although the LinQ system is not designed for the REV, it is easily adaptable to the REV. The guys from White Out Technologies can provide everything you need to install the system on your REV.

What you will get is the LinQ latch assembly


You will get the decal kit


You will get the LinQ mounts and bolt kits.


You will get the White Out Technologies. I opted to get them bare so I can match the pieces to my sled. The main piece will be black, and the plate (optional) will be candy blue to match the rest of the sled.

You also get the nuts/bolts to mount the latch to the plate.


Next is to install the latch on the plate


The install is pretty straight forward. You can position the latch in any of 3 locations, forward, rearward or in the middle. I chose to mount this in the middle section


Tighten down and they are ready to move on


Next, you would get the mount out and install the mount on the latch assembly


Fasten the latch and snap the latch handle down so it locks into place


Install both latches on the plate, then you are ready to mark out the locations on the tunnel. With both latches and mounts installed on the plate, you can use a marker to layout the mounts on the tunnel do you can locate them properly.


I marked with a permanent marker with the outline of the mount. I also marked where the holes should be located.


When you remove them, you will have something that looks like this.


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Then I scribed the hole locations for drilling.


Next, you will need a 13/32 drill bit. I use a Uni-Bit to drill them. I chamfers the hole nicely and does not leave any metal slag.


Next the base nuts are installed from the under side to make sure they fit....they do.


Then I dropped the mount on to make sure all the holes line up perfectly.


Make sure it is all going to fit not install at this point. I am just making sure all fits properly.


The next step would to remove all that as it fits properly. The next step is lay out the decal kit. The decal is a very thick piece to keep from wearing on the tunnel.


Once the decal is installed, you now install the mount. This just needs to be repeated for all mounts.


With the mounts installed, I then put the plate system on and make sure it all works and fits properly. No adjustments needed. It all fits properly.


I had to cut down the decals to make them fit the way I installed them. I would not plan on installing them this closely. I am installing them this closely as I will be making a Sno-Bunji mount for the middle two.


Here are all the mounts installed


Here are the White Out Technologies plates installed and ready to accept whatever you want to bolt, tie-down or mount to them.


Here is the way I will be using them mainly. I will be mounting a tunnel bag to the rear one, making a mount for my Sno-Bunji for the middle and the fuel caddy on the front


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Off to the powder coaters.
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