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Question....was this starter that you ordered for the 06 300 OEM, or aftermarket? Another user is suggesting that 550 starter is identical to the 300, which I disagree, can you either confirm or deny that thought? I have a bad starter on my 06 300, which i have not been able to find an aftermarket one for. The OEM is almost $400, which I refuse to pay. Two other dootalk users are suggesting that NAPA makes a 550F starter that would work on a 300f, I called my local NAPA and asked for the part number, looked at the image and the picture looks nothing like the OEM that was on my machine. Your expertise in this area would be helpful...Thanks in advance

Hello -

Has anyone installed an electric start kit on these machines? Is it fairly self explanatory or should I leave it to the pro's... With as many kids as I have, pull starting everyones machine everytime its time to go is wearing on the "fun-o-meter" of taking everyone. I ordered to electric start kits for my kids '07 550 and '06 300 ... did ski-doo make every machine e-start ready, or am I going to be drilling and tapping holes and shimming the starter to the perfect angle. If its a simple bolt-on with some wiring plugs to re-arrange ... I'm good but if it requires a tap and die kit, and an engineering degree to get the sprocket mounted and so on... I'm not messing with it.

Anyone been down this road already? Kits should be here later this week.

Any advice or experience in this task would be appreciated.
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