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My 07' Freestyle 550 had ES on already so I can't comment on that sled........but I did install it on my 06' 300 and it was easy. I would think it would be the same for the 550. Very plug and play. The only hickup I encountered was the bolt holes on the back of the clutch to hold the ring gear were not tapped. They give you some funky looking bolts and they almost looked like self tappers. I couldn't take that chance so I bought the tap and ran it in all the holes. Good to go.

I think the 550 has a ring gear installed weather it has ES or not. Does your 550 have a ring gear already?
Pardon my hijack but I'm curious if anyone knows how this 300 motor compares to the Tundra II motor . We had another Talker looking for e start info recently and this motor never crossed my mind

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