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newdooer45 said:
I was wondering how i could tell if the injection oiler has been adjusted to protect the crank bearing. How do i adjust it to desired amount of oil to flow???
Anyone have a copy of the service Bulletin # 2000-10 put out for this problem so i can see if my sled is effected.
The oil injection pump adjustment is a critical one. With that said, if you have some mechanical ability it is pretty easy. First, you need to know what the cable length is, suggest contacting the dealer. Next, you will measure the length of your cable down at the oil pump to ensure it requires adjustment. You increase/decrease the length of the cable to richen/lean out the oil by loosening the 10MM locknut and moving the cable assembly forward or back. A manual has pictures and will make sense onces you see it. DON'T just tinker with this adjustment. You need to set it where it is recommended, otherwise you might destroy the motor. Good Luck!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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