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Well here is the story, Last year I purchased this thing, A "78 Elan twin. After having a lot of trouble keeping the 250 twin running good, I swapped it over to a 250 single. Now when I planted the engine in, I needed to extend the wire for the headlight and tailight in order to get the plugin for the harness to reach the plugin to the motor. So I managed to get the engine running and I ran good. The problem I have now is neither the ignition or kill switch work to shut off the machine (I have to lift the hood and pull the spark plug cap.) So I salvaged the old ignition from my Moto Ski Spirit. Here is the problem I have know:

There a 2 plugins for wires to connect to on the MS Spirit ignition. One is labeled "MAG" while the other is "GBL" (I think.) On the current ignition there are 5 0r 6 (maybe 4) wires running to the ignition. One for the lights, one labeled "MAG," one labeled "GBL" and the other few I cant pick out whats written there. Also the is a yellow wire (light) that is near the hood that is cracked off and a plug in near it. I dont know where it goes but the headlight still works?!?! A wiring diagram may be useful. And I cant get an image of both the ignitions to load onto the computer. Can someone help me out? and Sorry if this sounds like a blah, blah, blah story

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