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Idler Wheels Help

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I have a 2004 800 and I dont want the yellow idler wheels. They dont match. All the bearins are good in them should i just paint them or will that not work and do i have to go and buy all the 440 wheels? Just some feedback if anyone has painted them and if anyone has made this switch and how much it costed to get the 440? Or is there any other options?
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i have the same problem....i have an 2005 MXZ Rev in black....and all my wheels are black, except my big back ones. ....i want them yellow like my back one....i'm thinking about painting them.
i wouldnt, i too did that...prepped em correctly, and used the plasticote paint. ice and stuff trashes them immediately. so i had to buy blk ones...but now i have 6 extra bearings, and pefectly good yellow wheels...trashed with black paint
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