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wooza1 said:
Hello all,
1st year as a Doo owner, and I yet again come tapping the knowledge on this board. At start up my 01 700 Twin will idle up to abt 3000RPMs and as I drop the choke she'll idle down to 1200ish. When riding and comming to a stop the idle will "hang" at 3000, and then slowly step down to 1200-1500. When I say slowly I mean abt 30-60 seconds. Is this normal? It seems it hangs expecting to get going so when you grab the throttle the engagement is quick, but again 1st year w/ this sled, so any input, advice as always would be greatly appreciated. Happy & Safe Sledding to all!

my 02 700 does the same and it always did. it takes about 10 to 15 sec to idle down. if you dont let it idle down before hitting the kill switch. the next time you start it, the engine will backfire
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