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Ok about 2 miles into a night ride on Very Thin snow the 'Check Engine' light came on.
Dug out the owner's manual which gave no useful info at all!
Called my local Dealer and aske the service guy.
He said most likely overheating. (Why then would it not be the Temp Light?) well we packed it with snow. He said if it was a bad engine problem it would go into a reduced rpm limp home mode - it ran just fine.
About 10 minutes and 2 or 3 miles later. (Yes - slow going on the rocky conditions) it was still on. Only 1/2 of the snow was melted. The tunnel radiators were no warmer than my hand and you could hold onto the eginge block.
We went back with the light still on. A 9.2 mile nighttime ride!

Well: Next am it was off. Then wouldn't you know 2 miles in - it went on again.
Same low snow bumpy over rock ride.
But after some hesitation on my part - it still ran fine and even hit 74 mph. Nothing was hot.
It finially went off at about 15 miles and stayed off for the rest of the 39 mile ride.
Question #1: Does the computer record a certian number of 'events'? My Kia suppoosedly records the last 100 events.
Question #2: If the light stays off, shoukld I worry about taking it into a Ski-Doo service department or not?
the week before almost 700 mile in Canada - I think He just wanted to go back to the 4 to 6 ft conditions in Canada and not the thin snow/thick rocks in Central NY.
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