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rev03_421 said:
what should i do to set up my rev 800 with 96 studs for 1000' radar run ? any suggestions
Let me start out with Money and Time. Need lots of it.

1) Get a speed track.
2) Add ice picks.
3) Clutch & Gear
4) V-Force Reed and jet down
5) Strap down the suspension
6) Hang on!

Make adjustments according to the conditions and weather. If you work on your setup you can RIP! I never setup a REV but doing the above to a triple Mach Z will kick butt. I did the above to my 98 Mach Z (when I had it) and was getting around 105 mph on short radar runs and 121 mph on long runs. This was back in the days when I had no kids and I had extra money! Today I just ride around the house with the kids on older sleds.

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