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I hear so much how bad the 08 XP was well I must got lucky and got a good one, to this day it is still running great

  • no crank run-out issues
  • less vibration than most
  • did have to get a updated oil cable just before it broke (Thanks Dootalk)

Things I did to her :hugs :wub: Its Now my buddy's sled sorry Steve

  • Lots of small things thanks to Dootalk :righton :righton
  • SPI low elevation head + milled to increase squish
  • Ported, wish I would have sent her to Big John
  • 20 pilot jets & 07 adjustable needles
  • Complete set of vents
  • DJ Clutching
  • Clutch brace & alignment brace by primary
  • 2010 side panels and Blue console / hood
  • Blue BRP soft old man seat & nut protector
  • Full set of Grip N Rip braces
  • Cool blue SkiDoo X snow flap from someone on Dootalk
  • at about 1900 miles 2012 etec pistons
  • Full SLP exhaust, had several others but they were way to loud
  • EGTs
  • Had stock X shocks rebuilt / revalved
  • T motion & flex edge 163
  • Alternative Impact 35.7 X Package Cro-Moly/Docol A Arms
  • Diamond S Zero Snow running boards

My point is that its always been very reliable and great running sled to this day so I must have got lucky right
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Hope I have the same luck with my '12 ETEC from here out lol
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