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I rode from Crosslake to Tower MN & back yesterday. Trail conditions: Absolutely crappy, I-500 like, slushy , deep moguls; Temperaure: 45 degrees; Distance: 378.9; Fuel Consumed: just under 27 gallons; Fuel mileage: Approx 14; Oil Consumption: I have 1/4 tank left, oil is at lower line.

I was impressed by the skis in slushy conditions, not the normal wash-out. Suspension never really faded bad. Brakes never faded once. Engine ran crisp, the slides have 1351 miles on them & starting to get thin; really no worse than when I had 400 on them.

With all the problems w/600 SDI X & the SC4 skid, I love mine! Yes, I have some concerns w/mine but I'm very happy with my third REV & will be getting another one next year, unless the yamaha is really bad-"edit for bad language"! Which I doubt.

I felt we needed a positive post. For all those who have not had good luck I feel your pain, espescially right now, man I'm sore.

Happy Trails
Ride Hard, Ride Right

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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