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Just want to pass along some good info with pictures on a new set up i tried last year.....I wanted to try a New Track the Talon 45 with 1.77" lug hieght since i drive mostly trails ... I also wanted to try out the new I-Grip ST-22 22mm screw in studs since i have never tried them before....all my other Skidoo's run push through Woody's with 1.5 ripsaw tracks.....take a look at my pictures and judge for yourself ...i ran these on my 2013 Skidoo 1200 x shorty i thought the talon track did very well the track shows some wear on the edges... i ran the I-Grip ST-22000 22mm screw in stud ...first of all i can tell you i ran 120 studs and i installed them in about 1 hour,,,Yes 1 hour,,, EZ is all i can say love my cordless makita drill....I never lost a stud not one..i did however loose two carbide tips but not one tearout..the I-GRIP studs held up amazing for a winter that we had...we had a couple trips of thin snow conditions...

the I-GRIP studs stick out more than a ice ripper or ice attack studs .. I thought they performed above my expectations ..would highly recommend checking them out...the only way I am studding from here on out...

the Talon 45 1.77 track throws a lot of snow..people who were riding behind me said they felt like they were following a snow blower at times..loved the track period...

I ran this set up for 2000 miles in somewhat marginal conditions at times..

I wanted to share this info with fellow dootalkers before they spend there hard earned money...


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