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I bought my first Ski-Doo yesterday after 8 cats!

I found a 2004 MXZ 500ss Trail for 6400 canadian. 1300k on it, sled is in mint shape, not a single thing wrong with it. Came studded as well.

So far here is what I've done today (pics to follow soon):

1) Took off stock bars and removed and cut off top of steering post. Fabricated and welded on a 7/8" tube with knurls to mount a 5.5" fly riser and 1-1/8" fly aero-taper bars with hooks.
2) Had to completely make new wiring haress for handlebars to adapt my arctic cat handwarmers (3 wire) to the Skidoo harness as well as my new kill switch.
3) Modified left hand side switch box to fit on the bars with the brakes and grips (not enough room as the doo switch panel is like twice as wide as cat's).
4) Removed the right hand side switches/throttle. Replaced with kill switch from Honda CR250 motocross bike and aluminum throttle block.
4) Removed windshield and fairing, ordered new Cobra flyscreen...

.... but I ran out of parts :-(

Things still to do:
1) Install my new USI SPX skis when they come in.
2) Pickout what suspension I'm going to buy (Fox, Ohlins, or Custom Axis) and install.

I have to go ride it with the new 5.5" riser, it feels great standing on it. Even when I rode it in the yard with the stock bars this is the sled for me, cant wait to try it tomorrow with the riser on!!!!

I'll take some pics tomorrow.
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