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2021 Ski-Doo Mxz 600R E-Tec 2017 Ski-Doo Expedition 600 E-Tec LE
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Good day everyone,
I will tell short stories in this thread of my hunting experience up here in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut.
As Inuit we hunt and fish all year-round.
I've been riding sleds and quads my whole life, everyone in the north does too. It's just the way of life up here.
For many, including myself and family our main transportations are quads and sleds.
My wife owns a 2019 Honda Rubicon 500, I own a 2019 Can-Am Outlander XMR 1000r and a 2021 Ski-Doo Mxz XRS 600r etec and the family wagon is a 2017 Ski-Doo Expedition 600 etec LE
(My sisters and brother also use it for general purposes)
My 3 children own a 2003 Ski-Doo Mini Z 120 with a 206cc mod motor.

Anyway, back to hunting and fishing.
We hunt literally anything that will feed us and others around us. We all share our catches with one another...especially with beluga whales, narwhals, polar bear, walrus, moose and musk ox. Anything that is deemed too big to keep in one house hold.
We also hunt for wolverines, grizzly bears, otters, beavers, wolves, foxes, rabbits, geese, Caribou and seals.
We fish for lake trout (I kid you not we have world record lake trout up here)
Arctic char, grayling, whitefish and cod fish.

I've gradually stepped away from the hectic lifestyle of the 9-5 or 6-6 and would rather be out hunting for either income, food and potentially clothing.
We use fur of all sorts for clothing and that being said animals are the absolute best clothing for any and all weather conditions. Mother nature does produce the best of the best.

Snow Freezing Carnivore Dog Ice cap
Vertebrate Beard Snow Sky Mammal
Sky Snow Automotive tire Slope Outdoor recreation

My cousins, Nathan and Ben and I went out to coach our first musk ox in 2018.
Sky Smile Snow Outdoor recreation Working animal

Also a few weeks later I caught my biggest bull musk ox (apparently this is 1/2" shy of the world record.)
Snowmobile Snow Vehicle Automotive tire Sled

My 2 older children learning how to drive the big machine on one of our family camping trips in June of 2019.
Yes JUNE!馃槂
My wife was enjoying her fishing while we were playing around the lake.
Sky Land vehicle Snow Vehicle Snowmobile

My partner Willie and I driving west from Rankin Inlet, NU to Yellowknife, NWT we were getting into the tree line about 200+km west of Baker Lake, NU (Baker Lake is the geographical center of Canada)
Sky Snow Sea ice Outdoor recreation Ice cap

Willie, at the ripe age of 60-something catching his first moose along the Thelon River. I also caught my first moose, but unfortunately I didn't get any pictures.
Sky Snow People in nature Outdoor recreation Freezing

Willie and I stopping to meet up a couple family members on their way home from their 4-week long hunting trip around back river. Willie got to break-in my brand new Mxz 600r and drove it a whopping 2400+ km.
Note our hand-measured, cut and hand-stictched clothing. Seal skin pualuk (mitts), seal skin qaliruaq (not quite windpants in English translation - windpants are silapaaq)
And caribou skin kamiik (not maklaks as those are another native traditional name for similar clothing item, also not boots as boots are kamaaluk in Inuktitut)
Mountain Snow Snowmobile Sky Vehicle

My family and I traveling from Chesterfield Inlet, NU to Rankin Inlet, NU after a successfully finding a missing person between the two communities (280km apart)
Ski-Doo used 3 of my pictures in their #myskidoofeeling #thatskidoofeeling campaign in 2020 when they were going to choose the lucky winners to fly out an all-expense paid trip for the 2021 ads.
Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Automotive tire

Young me and my later father heading out on a caribou hunt in 1994, there are pics of us sledding as well, but I would have to find those. We had a Yamaha Enticer II at that time.

2021 Ski-Doo Mxz 600R E-Tec 2017 Ski-Doo Expedition 600 E-Tec LE
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Snow Smile Glove Freezing Carnivore

This spring, March 2021 I got to catch my first wolverine along the Thelon River.
My partner Willie and I spent 6 days stuck in a cabin due to spring blizzard.
This was a day after catching our first moose. Certainly attract to scent of fresh meat, he came right up to our qamutik (hand-crafted wooden sleigh)
Followed him a good 2 km before shooting him down.

Slope Rectangle Map Asphalt Font

Due to all the blizzard and the closing of the NWT ice-road we had to call off our trip to Yellowknife. Upon getting everything fixed up, packed and we were just starting our journey back home, I blew my expedition 600 etec just 8km into the trip. So I left the sled over there, I will be picking it up sometime this winter.

2021 Ski-Doo Mxz 600R E-Tec 2017 Ski-Doo Expedition 600 E-Tec LE
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Awesome post, you would hate my life in New England! except for the sledding maybe. Congrats on your hunts.
Thank you. Have been hunting my whole life, now doing it to provide food and getting income with it. I wouldn't hate any life...after all life is beautiful 馃檪

2021 Ski-Doo Mxz 600R E-Tec 2017 Ski-Doo Expedition 600 E-Tec LE
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Trophy hunting Hunting Deer hunting Deer Smile

My cousin, Shane caught a nice bull last Thursday.
The only caribou we saw that day.
Shane is Nathan and Ben's older brother.
We packed up the night before knowing we would be 8n for a rough and long ride.
The fog would disappear and roll right back in. Fortunately we were parked scouting the area when this boy showed up out of the blue.

2021 Ski-Doo Mxz 600R E-Tec 2017 Ski-Doo Expedition 600 E-Tec LE
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Sky Snow People in nature Water Sleeve

My daughter and wife in the background fishing for cod in the spring of 2017.
She was 4 years old here.

Blue Standing Food Sleeve Curtain

Here is my wife in the spring of 2019 not long after losing my mother to cancer.
This lake trout measure 42 1/2" and managed to get my wife an 8th place in the fishing derby.
Sky Water Ecoregion Plant People in nature

This summer I caught a beluga Whale about 60km east of town. This was an unexpected trip, I don't own a boat. My neighbour was taking his gf and her best friend out berry and mussel picking, but needed a co-captain/hunting partner. He came up to me the night before and asked if I wanted to join. I agreed.
He was out all summer trying to catch beluga Whale but had no luck until the day he took me out.
Face Smile Shoe Eye Purple

My daughter with her first fish on the fly rod back in 2018
Skin Arm Sleeve Gesture Finger

Here she is learning how to fly tie the same summer. She was 5 years old in 2018.
Water Sky Blue Grass Adaptation

Here is my son over the summer, July 4 catching his first grayling on the flyrod.
In our tradition we don't cut our boy's hair until they successfully catch their first animal/mammal.
He is 3 years old, I was super proud to cut his hair that evening. Hahaha
We teach our children from a very young age to sew, hunt, craft, build, butcher, gut, survive and basically anything outdoors related, all year-round.
Wheel Ecoregion Luggage and bags Automotive tire Vehicle

My now 8-year old daughter learning how to drive me home from a hunting location just a couple of weeks ago.
We taught her how to drive the Honda and our SUV (when we had the car)
We began teaching her how to drive everything at the age of 5.

Sky Water Cloud Coastal and oceanic landforms Bedrock

Here is my wife teaching my son how to cast and reel when he was just 1.
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