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How Wide Can It Go

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OK - Just a Fantisy, but I have read here that the Renegades that came with a stock 15" wide track (pre 05 I thnk) can also take the 16" wide track it makes me wonder how wide a track the 06 Renegade can take: 16.5"? 17"? more?
I know that this is just a fantisy as no one makes these odd sized tracks - but Hey, untill there is snow...
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Well, pretty much and old sled can take a 16" wide track since the clearance is usually there. But i dont think you would get anything wider on there, even on a renegade.

Ive never measured my tunnel, but i dont think its any wider than any other sled. The 16" wide tracks are a tight fit!
swapped my 15 out and put a 16 on and there is maybe 1/2 inch clearance on each side......
Thank you both for the info.
So most any old 136" Sled can Doo the renegade Thing - at lease as far as track on the ground part.
(The Whole Rev thing is Something else - Something Else Great that is!)
I believe the inside width of a Doo tunnel is 16.5". This is for the older sleds also, not just the Rev. The only clearance issue to run a 16" track are a few rivits.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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