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How to add more studs to an existing pattern?

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This might have been talked about before but I can't find a thing on it even with the search function. I bought my Gade a year old already studded with a 2 per bar pattern, I found a bunch of bent studs and a couple broken studs no tear outs though. My Gade has an 800 in it and its brand new to boot for this season and I found the traction lacking a little bit last season so I was thinking of replacing all the existing studs and adding a few more. I bought 2 different templates for long tracks and none of the patterns fit what I have so I was wondering what was the best way to add more, so my question is do I get the double backers and throw them in side by side with the existing I will get some new scratch lines or do I free hand it and drill them in where there will be more possible scratch lines. Thanks for your help guys Any help is appreciated.
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I've had good luck with the double backers. I suggest you look your existing pattern over, and anywhere you could put a double backer in closer to the rails without getting to close to the edge of the track. Rule of thumb, no closer than 1" to the edge of the track, but the closer to the rail the more traction you will get. Not knowing what you want to doo with the sled (type of riding), my opinion would be to double backer every existing stud for optimum traction, as long as they are diferent scratch lines.
What I did with my 800 was a standard two per bar in a v pattern. When it came time to add 48 more I simply added 1 per bar, alternating right side to left. It looks weird as poop, but I have a ton of scratch lines.....I'll let you know how it works as soon as the snow flies...


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3 / bar is a good number for a gade ' 162 '
Thats how I did my 04
But the studs only stuck out an 1/8 of an inch or so
And I didn't get much hook up
Whether it was that or the SC3 or both

4000 miles... only 1 pull out and a couple bent bad enough I had to replace
If I did it again I'd go longer and all up the middle

You now have 108 and will be adding 54
Use what holes you have and add an extra one
Either in the middle or alternate outside (One side- then the other)
Don't worry about looks
Alternate from left to right to keep the track balanced
Just try and create as many new scratch lines as possible
A perfect stud job would have every single stud cutting it's own line
And make sure the tunnel protectors are sufficeint!

My 05 X is a short track and the guy who owned it the first year
pulled all the studs out before I got it ?
So what I did was 3 in the middle, the two existing holes and an extra one
Using longer studs so they stick out 3/8 to 1/2"
Then alternating side to side on the ouside with slightly shorter ones.
Theory being, I'll get some traction from the outside
but allowing the track to pivot easier for turning.
I'm left with 27 empty holes but I don't care.

I can't wait to try this setup with the SC4
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More studs more weight.... less speed. I did 108 woody 1.45" gold diggers with alum. backers and alum. tall nuts. Same setup in my 05 mach z and I have never bent, pulled or broke any studs. Hook up is great on hard packed. I do alot of powder riding with my gade so I didn't want alot of stud b/c of weight. My buddies 05 gade has 216 studs and his traction is no better then mine.


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