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Hey guys here is the deal I am moving to Wyoming in September. I just came back from a trip and met some great people out there i rode with so i need to start looking for a new sled out there since the 121 isn't going to cut it and I want a change. I am going to buy either an 800 ZX chassis or a 700 or 800 RMK. I want a 144x2 and I will definetly run twins, boss seat, billet etc etc..I am trying to figure a rough ballpark on what mine is worth. A lot of you guys probably know this sled and some may have seen it while I am riding around the areas I do...But here is the lowdown on what she has

Sled has all updates and compression has shown great shape last reading was like 158/159 i think somewhere around there will definetly have it checked again. Has 2800 mi. and runs great. Sled is used not abused and many can give me good word on the care and maintence of the sled, mxzx5 for one can he has done a lot of the work with me and knows the sleds condition. It is cleaned every ride and even when it hasn't been ridden. I am thinking about 6K US. If you were to add up all the money you see it has a few grand in it and many little things i forgot about. The base was a 2003 MXZX 800, just looking for ideas thanks guys

Boyesen Petals and ¼ in. spacers
Dynoport ceramic coated pipe & can
PTO seal
52/48 RER helix
Goodwin 200-280 primary spring
24 tooth top gear
44 tooth bottom gear
Chrome Rings and pistons
Caged bearings, new gasket, reed gasket

Chassis Mods
MX bars, bar pad, and billet riser
Billet gas cap and pull handle
Billet Idlers
05' 440 seat
Doo gas caddy
Hood Paint
Side panels paint
Shock covers
440 bumper and flap
Silver tunnel brackets, black rail grips, and black slides
High-rise Kit (ended up only using the steering post switched everything months later)
Delete kit w/ gade flap
Usi skis w/ carbide
Black race windshield w/ chrome trim
1.65 Track
Knee pads
2004 Longer cooler

P.S. Sorry i just saw someone posted a similar topic before me, hope this isn't a problem in this forum...I will try to resize updated pics later on but for now older pics can be seen in my gallery
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