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Hi this is my first post here on Dootalk its a great forum when you need some help, and i have a problem whith my 02 800 legend that is making me scratch my head like a crasy man these days.
It runs just fine when you are just crusing along but if you open it up it lacks power on top.In a field at WOT it will only pull 7200 rpms and its having a strange sound to it, the best way i can describe it is that to me it sounds like 1 cylinder is halfway cutting out.
Here is what i have done so far: Clutches is fine ,alignment is fine i have canged the Reeds the old ones dident close properly, i have tryed carbs from a different sled, i tryed the mpem boks from the same sled.
The DPM seems to be working fine. There is nothing og what i have tryed that has made any difference it runs just the same.
There is also one thing i have noticed there is some really bad fumes coming from it when it is running your eyes start to hurt really fast standing next to it.

Any advice is grately apriciated.

Best regards from Norway
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