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If you want to watch FOX Sports Racing and you're with Bell or Shaw, please read this and share with your friends. It would be nice to watch the NHRA coverage live on Sunday rather than tape delayed on Thursday afternoon as opposed to TSN's routine tape delayed on a weekday afternoon.

If you are a Shaw customer, all you have to do is copy this address - channel[email protected] - into your browser and it will take you directly to a Channel Request form. Call it up, fill it out and your work is done. But then turn around and tell all your friends who are Shaw subscribers to do the same thing. Only if Shaw gets the message that there is great interest in this channel will they respond.

Bell is a little more complicated. You must telephone them. Call 1-866-310-2355 and ask to put in a Channel Request. Then, do what they tell you to do and cross your fingers.

Good luck. But remember: if you don't make the effort, those TV companies won't do anything. You have to show them that you mean business
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