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I was driving a 05 500f Expedition today and a similar thing was hepening. Low beams don't work now, and all the gauges lgiths stay on. (parking brake, high beam light, etc etc) It has to be on high beams to get some light, and the odo doesn't say the miles it says something like 9-9 miles i dont know. But it is the exact same lights that come on just when she's starting up. Fuse was the first thing in my mind too. (this was yesterday)

Head lights blew when it started, brake lights dont work, just the tail light. Spedometer works sometimes, the lights on the gauges dont come on now. Brake light on the gauge shows up, but doesn't actually work on the ski-doo. Hand warmers dont work, just the thumb warmer. Now, it has 68 miles !! What's wrong with it ? Also it was bought last year, so should FNF(Fun and Fast..where it was bought) be able to cover these repairs ? Thanks...

ps, sorry if this is in the wrong section or something...i'm new here.

Ok, thats my last post, so far people have told me "light relay , fuse, bad ground, shorted wire , bad conection" and "There should be a headlight relay on the clutch side right under the is square and has 4 prongs....since you have dess you can take it to the dealer to get it on the computer and check out the faults to see what is goin on.... " and "its possible the voltage regulator shorted as well "

Now this is today. I started it up, hand warmers now work
, infact it all does I think. But the light is still blown, and the brake light dont work, jsut the tail light. I have no sweet clue where the fuses are, I found one a 20 under the headlight which i would think is for the headlight, and it's best kind, not blown or anything. The high beam light even comes up on the gauge, jsut doesn't come on cause the bulbs are blown. Now does anyone know what this problem is ? If it's a fuse or something simple then where are they located because I can change that. Thanks alot guys/girls.
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