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Help with sled 06 or 07 gade 600ho

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what would you buy a 06 or 07 gade 600ho . i can save about a $1000. on a 06 .
will not upgrade till 2009 or 2010. please let me know what you would do..
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With the 07 you get the roller secondary, and the extro drivers, you could get the 06 but the roller and extros + your time to put them in are gonna be almost the same price. other than that they are the same sled different colors. so it is up to you if those two options are worth the 1000 right now or not.
thanks for the input, i really dont have a lot of time to work on it or to make mods.
a dealer said my 07 would be in on monday and i think i will do that deal. thanks again.
My 2007 Gade 600 just got dropped off tonight Black/White sweet just removed the warning stickers, get the 07
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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