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Help - Question on dropping rear suspension

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I did the chaincase swap on a 03 with the footwells and I installed my suspension rails and along with some tunnel ext issues I am to the suspension drop brackets. Another dootalk member told me that since I have a suspension that is hooked together and the front and back part work together, I would need to drop the front just as much as I dropped the back. This make sense I guess, but I guess I thought dropping the back and keeping the same bolt hole distance (being if you dropped the rear, it would have to be down and in a little bit so the bolt hold distance doesn't get stretched) it would just raise the back end up...? Any thoughts on this subject. He said a lot of people just add a drop down bracket and then it feels like a shock is bad in the back.
Thanks in advanced.
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He's correct, you'll need to drop the front as well. If you have the sled put back together and have it sitting on the garage floor you'll see what he means.

The rear of the skid will be on the floor and the front of the skid will be way up in the air, a slight rise is ok - but too much is not. This puts all the weight on the rear of the skid, compressing the rear springs and shock. If your skid is an SC-III, this will adversely affect the coupling and suspension, it will also trench like a backhoe. (I said Hoe)

Go to the Mountain Forum and look in TTABS Mod Shop post, toward the end (maybe page 46 or 48) he has pictures of a drop and roll project, note where the skid mount holes are. You may even need to move the skid toward the back of the tunnel an inch or two and cut the tips of the rails back - it depends on how much extension you added.

Also talk to a few experts that do this sort of thing all the time. Call Fab Craft, TimberSled, Holtz or any of the other custom chassis fabricators and ask their advise - they'll give you the straight poop.

-Good luck

A drop bracket like this one might also help you fine tune the best position for your skid to mount up to. A man needs to try a couple different holes until he finds the one he likes the best.


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Oh wow. I guess I just thought you had to drop the suspension just enough for the clearance. I didn't know there was a process to it. Yes I have a 03 HPG VR suspension and it was a 121 and now it's a 144, so anymore info would be great before I mess up drilling a bunch of holes in my tunnel.
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