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Helmet question

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What is the general consensus for the helmet with the best visibility. I'm looking for opinions specifically on field of view. I'm pretty sure the oxygen is probably the best but not sure, any input would be appreciated.
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The CKX Contact is very nice as well. Similar to an Oxygen. Gotta keep them plugged in but no mask on your face. I've had them both.
x2 on the Contact. 1/2 price of Oxygen as well.
If money is not an issue and you're not a heavy breather, or sweat, a carbon Oxygen would be a great lid. They are also the warmest. I didn't like the price, so I went with a Contact while I waited for my local shop to get the Mission I wanted in. I was very pleased with the contact. After riding with my new Mission with electric shield, I tried it without the breath deflector. Super happy with it now. Knowing I don't have to be plugged in with the deflector is a huge bonus.
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