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Handle bar Risers

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I know there have been a few threads on this subject already but I read them a few times and I was getting confused between the various years and models so I'll ask my specific question. I'm 5'-11" and I have a 06 800 Gade X. My riding is about 50/50 between trail and off trail. I'd like a set of risers to give me more leverage and better riding while standing. Any opinions on the height or type I should get and if I'm not mistaken the X package I have already has a riser block so do I just need risers? Any help would be appreciated.
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All you would need is a riser block and what height? Well, stand on your sled and place your arms down, measure from top of handlebar clamp, that measurement is what you would need for the height of the riser block.

I'm the same height and I have a 4" riser on my 600 but it's not an x.

Hope this was helpful.

I converted mine renegade to a X. (I put the x steering stem and the flat handle bars)

I stand all the time when I am riding moguls, and offtrail. I went with 8in. I love it. I am think about even going heigher on my next sled. I am 5'11. Alot of people of lower but it is so nice not having to bend over to hold onto my handle bars. My arms are just lowed a little than being straight out like when you are sitting.

I love the setup,
506151848 EXTENSION $48.47 $48.47
I'm 5'-11" and I have a 05 800 Gade X.I subed the summit extension on mine and it fits me great.
Thanks guys. I also saw on old post on the subject that has been brought back which was also helpful. Anyone else?
506151848 EXTENSION $48.47 $48.47
I'm 5'-11" and I have a 05 800 Gade X.I subed the summit extension on mine and it fits me great.
I'm in 100% agreement. That's what I did also and couldn't be happier.

If your thinking about going that route, before you buy, see if your dealer has a Summit X you can stand/sit on to see if the height is right for you.

Your Gade X comes with a 4" riser, but because of the straight bars, it's only like 2" higher than a non X. I went with a 6" riser at first, but once I got it put on, it still felt too low. I then put the Summit X riser (7 1/2") on. I never even rode it with the 6". If you can sit on someone else's sled that has a riser on it, you might save yourself some work and $$$ from having to doo it twice.
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I'm 6'1 and have gone to a 10.5 inch rise set up (8 inch riser on an iso-vibe SX). It sucks being hunched over trying to stand and ride so this is a sweet set-up, plus the iso-vibe works awesome!
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