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handguard question

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Alright, I want to know who makes the strongest handguard thats not going to be flimsy like the sportehc ones. Last year when I rode my friends rev and if you were going fast they would literally bend 1/2 back or more. So who makes the strongest handguard mounting kit combo?
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"bend back 1/2" ??

1/2 what??

a 1/2 inch -- get over it...

1/2 way back to the bars? still I see no problem... I do know if they are too rigid they will snap off when you hit something...

I have no experience with the sportec's, the powermadd (ROX) do not bend, not noticeably anyway.. they use aluminum mounts...

now a 600 SDI will only go 95 and that's on a good day but up to that speed there are absolutely no problems like you mention and that is with the extended size guards too!
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1/2 way back...I know form riding my friends sled they are flimsy, if I tip my sled or something which I have a feeling I might do this year, I dont want the things snapping or anything. I had a simple question, who makes the strongest guard?
mrschendel said:
Hand guards and mounts from the 03 MXZX 440
I know and I love the looks but you cant find them used and if you can they are expensive. From the dealer they are 130 bucks new and I am 15 and I prefer to save my money
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