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Bought this 2013 800 etec last year and put 700 mi on it. I had a thumb warmer put on under warranty because it quit.

this year, I rode 20 mi around home and had 0 issues, they worked great. As I was looking it over to take it up to MI, I went to turn my hand warmers down because I had them tunred up ridding around home, they wouldnt turn down. I could press the button up and the graph comes up on the guage cluster, but when I pressed down, it wasn't regognizing and function. I took the switch apart and all the contacts looked good. Orderd a switch anyway hoping that was what was wrong, didnt fix it. It was cold on my trip so wasnt as big of a deal having them stuck wide open, but i want it fixed.

Anyone have any idea's?

My buddy bought a new 900 and his hand warmers got way warmer than mine. Mine are working but not as well as his. I wonder if my issues are all related...??? (thumb warmer going out last yr and now this) the nearest dealer to me isn't worth a d*mn, so the next nearest is 4hrs away. I've talked to a couple and nobody has any ideas.

I really appriciate your all's advice/help in advance
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