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The Duke said:
Yerterday on Osteago lake I couldnt get above 85mph on my x800 Gade. But It was close to 45 I think.

The night before it was around 29 or so and it was pulling great.

Now the bad friend on his brand new out fo the box Rage smoked me. My guess is the temp was to warm and the 2 stroke engine doesnt like it.

The reason I think it was the warm temp is two Vipers pulled up and I smoked them but the rage was a rocket compared to us.

On another note my bud on the new Rage had it on it side at the 20 mile mark....

I just put in a Cudney clutch kit and the night before it was pullin like a frieght train in the cold... Saturday in the warm weather it was a dog.

So what is the skiny on four strokes vs two strokes in warm weather?
Two stroke performance used to be lousy in warm temps but with fuel injection and engines like your power tech they have become much better. I know the fourstrokes will run good in any temp. The surprise here is that the Rage has carbs not fuel injection and your power tech should still run pretty good in those temps. To answer your question, fourstrokes are more forgiving when operating in warm temps as long as there is snow for the heat exchangers, if not then neither sled will run very good if it's overheating.
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