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Got a few Questions

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I'm new to the forums, and new to doo's
I have the chance to buy a 99 MXZX 440 with very low hours and looks to be in perfect condition. My questions are how does this thing do in deeper snow? Im Originally from Illinois but i will be in Laramie Wyoming until March. What are some of the best bang for your buck mods? The first thing the dealer mentioned was a silencer, to ditch the heavy stocker. What are you guys running for oil in these things? Isnt it 40 to 1 Premix? How do they behave trail riding? im not to much worried about forking over the extra cash for race fuel either, i always have some around. What should i look for in this sled? common problems etc? Thanks guys!
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ore-gone said:
Go see Lynn at Felker motorsports in Loveland, CO. He set my sled up and he raced for Skidoo. It may be 2 hours you. They did a "high Altitude kit" for my sled.
Well according to the dealer the sled ran beautifully In wyoming, it was only ridden in the snowy range area and was set up accordingly. I know i will have to rejet when i head back to illinois though, im only around 450 ft in elevation.
kkkkkk! i have 99 mxzx 440. it performs wonderfully on the trails, rides like its on trails(with a good set of carbides and depending on how the shocks are set up) and i live in ontario canada right in the middle of the great lakes and theres tons of snow and powder here and i got stuck many once cause i didn't see a ditch and i had a 1and 1/4 inch ripsaw track i find its great cause its a light sled. i'd leave the can on it, its fine i got a stock can and its a bit loud and i got pulled over my the cops saying my can was to loud and i let him look under the hood and he let me go. i run my sled with skidoo premix oil its extremely cheap its like $6 a bottle canadian and u can use that for 2-3tanks and i mix at 50:1. now just look over the sled just for the normal sled problems. and the bad points that i found with this sled is the recoil is complete garbage and that on all these old mxzxs that the motor is mounted incorrect and as a result of this alot blown belts. the hand warmers are junk on them and can short out all the wiring on the sled so i just ripped mine off and put hand guards on them. and finally the temp guage thinggy for the coolant in the motor is complete crap and the solution to that is get a broom stick cut it of about an inch and drill a hole the same size as in the temp guage and hammer that peice of wood in where it went and it corrects everything and i'm not bullsh&%ting you about this i was told this from blair morgans ex mechanic and he knows his stuff and he did it for me. and i think thats it. any other questions or anything i'll gladly answer them.
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