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A 30 year study and they've completely figured out the earth's weather. Those are some really smart scientist!
YES! the weather has been getting hotter, but did you know the ozone has been repairing itself occording to scientist. First they said pollution was killing the ozone and causing global warming and that article said the pollution is getting really bad, but yet the ozone has been getting better. They need to pick a reason for blaming global warming and stick with it for a change.

So far it's meant a lot more snow in California. Is 75 feet of snowfall good or bad? I went sledding in Oct. 05, Nov. 05, Dec. 05, Jan. 06, Feb. 06, Mar. 06, Apr. 06, May. 06, Jun. 06 and July 06. Gobal warming is really killing us over here.

Global warming has been really hard on my shocks and springs. Do shocks wear out fastere in warmer weather? If so, global warming has been a real pain in the arse.

My worry this year is that it might be a really cold winter with very little snow. I believe the temps this winter will be a lot lower than the last couple of years. I base this off of reviewing daily lows and highs against average temps and record temps in the states of Montana and California.
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Environment Canada is predicting normal to lower then normal temps and higher then average snowfall from Dec-Feb YAY!!!
If you really start looking into weather and such you would find we are way overdue for ice age......... So hey lets not get pushy Im not ready for my world to end yet
If i wast at work i could post my little treehugger .gif, but you have to wait

This will have to doo for now -
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