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getting my first sled and looking for general advi

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picking it up soon from a trusted friend. around 3000 miles for 1300 bucks. no visible damge and was used until the end of last winter. i want something i can take the wife on and i will probably use it 5-10 times a year. mabye 500-1000 miles.

just wondering what i should look for and to get some general impressions of the sled.

i now can't wait for snow. the last time i rode a sled was probably close to 20 years ago at a rental place in lake tahoe and even though it was a little 370 or 440 i loved it. went on a 6 hour tour and was instantly in love. well life and business and marraige have alweays got in the way but now i'm back.
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Probably should go through the manual to get info on suspension adjustments for ride and steering setup. Check it over and make sure it's ready for the season. New belt and plugs. Check and/or change the chaincase oil. Check the chain tension, which is to be only finger tight. Carbs may need to be cleaned? Check and/or change the slides and wheel bearings on the suspension. Check the carbides on the ski's. If it's darting after you ride it, check the ski alignment and/or add PCS strips to the ski's. Grease the suspension, steering linkage, and the grease zert below the secondary at the speedometer. If I missed something, others can chime in here.
do you know if the clymer s830 covers my sled? all it lists is the formula series.

or do you know where i can get the factory service manual?

thanks for the reply,
You can go to, go too the toolbar "sleds" and it will list "operator's guide". You can get a PDF for yours there.
Price is about right. Not that its a bad sled, but it is 11 years old and Doo is now 3 chassis from that, which mostly eqates to ride quality. Its a buyers market, especially for 2 ups. We have the next series 2-up (s chassis) and love it. The 670 is bullet proof and prolly more power than you will ever use. Is your friend mechanically inclined? Are you? Makes a big difference on maintenance which in turn keeps it dependable on the trail, this is important if its just you two on one sled. If your friend works on it himself have him show you the things APC mentioned, if not you might want to find a good dealer or there's always us
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