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Hi, I'm not sure if I should buy either a Renegade Adrenaline 600SDI/800PTEK or a Summit 144 600SDI/800PTEK. Here is what my problems are:

For me vibration is the number one thing that irritates me. I absolutley hate having numb fingers and toes while on snowmobile. To me they should be built better, regardles of the size of the mill and it's HP.

I do a nice bit of trial riding, but I like to go off in the powder. Not crazy about hill climbing though. To me it's too risky! The idea of smashing up a new machine and yourself is not appealing at all to me.

After reading the posts on this site, it seems to me that both the 600sdi and 800 ptek have there problems.



- Cheaper price on sled and insurance

- Great gas mileage, can run 87 octane

- Good power and easy to trail ride.


- This whole fuel map problem where exhaust gets red hot and flames sometimes come out of the muffler.

- Being dependant on that battery and the 3 volt requirement to pump fuel.

800 PTEK


- Great exceleration, lots of power on the top end

- A MAN'S sled/ bragging rights

- Good fuel economy from an 800.

- old school carb setup, no need for battery.

- not much more $ for more power then compared to 600sdi.


- Vibration is a possibility

- I read that the engine stumbles at slower speeds on trails and your thumb gets tired compared to 600sdi.

- not as easy to handle as the 600 on the trail.

- this problem with the hole in the carb boot and bolts on the manifold backing off.

- more expensive sled/more insurance cost.

- burn more fuel then 600 and have to run 91 octane.

I heard that the summit tends to be more tippy then a gade due to narrower ski stance. plus seat is more up right on the summit. On the other hand the summit is much better in the powder and looks cooler in the red or blue colour.

Is there any issues with the summit 600sdi and trning over the 16x144x2 track. ie, less power and top end. What about the noise from this track?

These points are only my opinion and have no problem being corrected. This is just the information I have gathered from reading other peoples posts.

Sorry for such a long post

Any advice would be greatly appreciated,


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No vibration problems on my 800 Gade. Can go on a 200-300 mile ride in one day and not have any issues with that.
Exhaust bolts coming loose, I fixed that before it could happen, took them all out and put blue threadlock on all of them, haven't had a problem yet in 3000 miles.
Never had any stumble issues with it at slower speeds and my thumb never gets sore from it.
I am getting between 13-18 MPG on it, 13 when out in the powder playing, and 17.8 was best trail riding on groomed trail.
Keeping an eye on the carb boots just to be safe, Maintenance is the key to a long lived sled, ya gotta look it over once in a while.
Haven't had any problems with handleing after I changed the ski's to the Doo Flex ski's for trail riding and use the precisions for off trail riding in the deeper snow they help the front end float on top better..
The 16 inch by 136 track has as much floatation as a 15X144 just a shorter lug for trail riding, Mine is great in the deep snow, hops right up on top and flys, best sled i have ever owned so far...

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Get the Summit 144 fer sure! You'll appreciate the narrower ski stance when powder carving (the Gade has the same 47" width as my REV and I hate it in the deep for carving, even without the stabilizer bar!). And the higher seat is WAY better for transitioning from sitting to standing so that's a big plus in deep snow if you ask me! Also go for the Powertek 800. When it comes to powder, HP makes up for the added weight to keep you floating on top and NOT digging out all day - trust me on this one!!!


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I didn't really read your entire post (i am at work at not allowed on the net so If I restate something you said sorry)
I would go 800 144 summit. I find it great in the trails, no diff than my 800 gade but when I rode in the mountains with guys on summits, they killed me now I have ordered extensions for my rails and tunnel.

go 2007 snowcheck 800 summit. in my humble opinion

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I like them both........ but would opt for the 800 for sure....... all the problems you listed on the 800 can be resolved easily and cheapley. I have the Summit HMX 151 and the Gade 800X (two of them actually) the gade is better in the tight trails (of course) but when you get off trail you are really going to appreciate the little narrower ski stance and the taller lug and longer track!!!!!!!! Even if you only ride 50% of your time off trail go with the Summit.
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