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RKT 734 kit, 14.8:1 domes (fresh beginning of 04/05 season)
Hooded Needle Jets (CPI)
Label X Porting
stock 800 pipe
(ceramic coated)
Stealth "Thing"
Doo HPG T/A rebuildable front shocks
Summit frontend w/ heim joint ends
VF3 reeds
5" riser
PowerMadd lefty
Holz scratchers
clear tank
Simmons skis
156" x 2 Camo
144" sc10 skid w/ wildchild extensions
(Doo HPG shocks)
3.25" setback
2 wheel wildchild 8" billets
9 tooth extros
Fabcraft quick change Trailing Arms
Vanamburg 156" tunnel
red skid plate
BRTech lexan hood
1 peice windshield
(no headlight--2 handwarmers to compensate for draw)
"forced air" intake attachment
(2ndary: 44* RER w/ teflon buttons)
Geared (19/44)

Originally a '02 MXZ Renegade 700 RER turned Summit

Fun, light, torquey sled. Can and will give plenty of 800s a run for there $ IMO... This engine has been bullet proof.

According to my calculations and weighing parts I've swapped, I've dropped a good ~50 lbs off the sled.. And you can definately feel it IMO.

Anway, LOTS of time, LOTS of money in this... I have kept a spreadsheet of basically every purchase, mod, maintance, etc... If you care to see it can supply that.

This sled is located in Lakewood (West Denver), CO.

$4,000 US, will 'consider' a decent offer..

Best/Quickest way to contact me is prob a PM on Snowest forums or via email.

I currently only have 1 FabCraft arm on it, otherside is a 'stock' black arm . . I have the *head* part for the other FC arm, but no rod/shaft for it. Broke the shaft and have not yet, gotten a replacement for it. With a shaft, its ready to bolt on!


Close Up Pics

2007 Callage

In the Pow (Winter Park)

Gade w/ View (Snowies)

Side Shot w/ View (Snowies)

Playin in the Deep [no, not stuck!] (Ears)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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