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? for the guys that hav nos on 600 ho revs

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I have an 05 600 ho carb rev. I bought a used boondocker kit. It is set up for a 40 hp shot. I do most of my ridding in upper michiagian.

1. Can i run premium gas witha 40 hp shot or should i go down to a 30 hp shot? ( race gas not very convenent for me)

2. How long can i hold the button down for safely?

3. Do i have to have it full throttle to hit the button? (if i accidentally hit it at 1/2 it it going to hurt any thing)

4. Do i need to go up a spark plug number? ( Br9ecs to Br10ecs)

5. Do i need to remove foam in air box right next to where the manifolds mount?

6. Anyone in the Wisconsin (fox valley area) the would want to help me set this thing up.

thank you very much for your replies.

if u are going to tell me to look at other posts PLEASE DO NOT REPLY
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any body have nos on a rev
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