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Fitch Fuel Catalyst

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Just was wondering if anyone out there has used a Fitch fuel catalyst in their gas tanks and did it improve your gas mileage.
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IMO the best thing about the Fitch is for storage purposes!!
I stored a 1973 Laguna for 2 years and this summer it fired
right up! No problems with the fuel. I also have a 1971 350
Chevy Truck that has flat top pistons Octane sensitive and
the Fitch is NOT an Octane booster. If it improves mileage it
would be very slight at best. I drove the truck downstate and
saw a very slight gain but not a good experiment because wind
and other things come into play. Myth Busters should look at
this one!!! But as a replacement for stabil yes, yes, yes. It
does doo that!!!
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I have used the Fitch but have no idea if it performes as claimed.
Fitch's claims can get quite outlandish but one thing is certain - it IS a petro catalyst and DOES prevent varnishing as proven by ASTM testing. No one disputes that and the military uses it for that specific reason. Since installing them 4 years ago I have yet to clean my carbs - they are absolutely spotless. For that reason alone they are worth the $40 to me.

Have FUN!

I have them in my boats, lawn mower, generator, and all my gas cans. I didn't put one in the sled because I was worried about it thrashing around in there.

I used to have problems with my gas tanks/carbs on the boats (my boats spend more time in storage then in use, only 4 months of summer) but no problem in the last 3 years since using the Fitch catalyst.
Will the fitch allow you to run 87 octane but not cause the mpem to retard the timing from the 91 setting?I think I read this in another forum.
A friend of mine has them in both his sleds. A '04 Gade X 600HO SDI, and a '03 MXZ 800. He bought them new in Feb of '04. Rode the heck out of them, pulled them along side his barn at his cottage in the UP, and let it sit. He left the tanks about 1/2 full of gas. No cover on it. Fitch fuel catalysts in both of them.

I went up there with him in January of '06, we were going to drain the gas and fill with fresh stuff. But my friend being the cheapskate he is, tried starting both of them. Both started right up and idled smooth. We rode both of them once they warmed up and they both ran perfectly. It was about a 30 mile trip to the gas station, and we just barely made it there on the gas in the tanks.

After that I bought the FFCs for everything I own.
Will the fitch allow you to run 87 octane but not cause the mpem to retard the timing from the 91 setting?I think I read this in another forum.
I highly doubt it. Fitch does not raise octane levels.

Octane is what determines how prone to detonation the fuel is. So the higher compression motors will still knock a bit and the mpem will pull the timing.
Like I said in my 1st post OCT 6, My truck is
octane sensitive big time and Fitch DOO NOT
RAISE OCTANE!! It does keep fuel fresh and
carbs clean period. It may very slightly improve
mileage because the fuel is burning better
but I would not purchase it as a fuel saver.
I would recommend them for any seasonal
toy. Of course you must remember that carb
bowls is where the fuel will break down 1st,
sooo you must start the toy once in a while to
get the fresh fuel from the tank in the bowl.
Good Luck and Good Sleddin!!!
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