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I finally had a chance to take an 06 500ss for a ride this past weekend. I have got to say the suspension changes in the front with the addition of the sc4 in the rear make this seld even a better REV!!!

I compared this 06 with the trail suspension non-studded, to an 05 500ss with a trail suspension non-studded, and an 04 600 HO Adrenaline studded 144 in the mid and outer belts.

From a dead start drag race the 06 500 comes out of the hole just in front of my 600HO!!! Of course I go right by him after that, but the 06 leaves the 05 500ss at the line spinning. (I almost thought he was going to be faster there for a second) We even switched sleds and had the same results, so the 30lb rider weigth difference goes out the door.

On the trail the seld really holds the trail well. The feel I get from the 06 is confidence. I could feel the rear suspension transfer when I goosed it a little, but the skis stayed planted, but not heavy.

An informal study of the rear suspensions (sc3 to sc4) show that the track angle in front and rear is at a lower angle. The stopper block on the back of the rail (the rubber piece every one on the sc3 flips up) is at a greater angle to the vertical. The shocks are not only at different angles, but have different mount locations too.

I don't know how the geometry changes make this sled suspension work so well, but I certainly am envious!

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