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Got to the trails and my 02 700 would not start. 129 miles on the sled. It has spark, it appears to be flooding maybe (at least the plugs are wet). But I burned off the plugs and the cylinders and still it did not go. It tried to run a couple of times but that was it. Took the plugs out and put in another sled, it fired right up. To make matters worse, the recoil started giving me grief, and then jamed. The night before it started first pull when I loaded it on the trailer.

So I ended up riding my old 94 MX470. I call it the "little sled that can". I kept up with 600's all day long and we put on 160 miles

I was told last week that the 02's have a problem with the recoils. (before I was having any problems) Is this true?

Nope, I won't get any grief from the Polaris guys I was with.
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