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Well last thursday mother nature and my personal schedule finally joined forces and allowed me to get out on the Mach in some great conditions. We received about 8" of fresh snow on top of our already good base so my first comment is... I HATE PRECISION SKIS!! do these things every suck bad in loose snow but I guess we all know that.

This was the perfect ride to really get a good feel for doo's new monster. We rode everything from lakes and plowed icey roads to freshly groomed trails to areas that look like they'd fit in well at a local sno-x race;)

-First off I must say im very impressed with how composed the Mach is in all trail conditions. I felt I could rip through the trail in more control, at higher rates of speed with more ease and comfort than I could on my 700X. When the going got tough the Mach did show its weakenesses in the suspension department but I hope to at least band-aid that with a X setup. In all other conditions though this sled is phenomenal!! It's amazing that a sled with this much juice can handle the tight twistie trails with so much ease. Did i mention the precisions suck?

-As far as the motor goes it is equally impressive. Yes it vibrates a bit at idle and lower speeds but once underway at a decent clip she was suprisingly smooth and power is instantaneous. Low end response could use a little help but that will be cured with a clutch kit shortly. I have experienced no plug fouling or anything else abnormal as of yet ( i did mention a week ago i suffered from the coolant leak but that was cured by tighetening the reservoir clamp thanks to info supplied here).

-I decided to go with the non ES and so far she pulls over easier than my 700 did. It has fired up on the first pull everytime thus far.

I could waist hours rambling on and on but you have all read dozens of "First ride" posts and I really have nothing new to say.

This sled has renewed my excitement for the sport. I have honestly never had this much fun riding and I am looking forward to a great season with the Mach.

here are a few pictures

I blasted the stock screen with black spray paint..

also painted the handlebar riser black
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