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First new post since problems

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Looks different around here...
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ill throw in the second one then lol
Looks different around here...
yes alot differant,i like it!wonder if the binocks are going to return to see whos in chat?

i like it like this
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Ya its alot brighter in here, feels more day time.
Looks great! Just Like Can-Am Talk.

Thought I fell asleep for four days or something.

Why the change early???
Yeah, I thought the change over was supposed to be on the 8th.
Looks good though!
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New DooTalk looks
but still runs like Dootalk post move

Still locking up!

Keep tweaking Craig!!!!
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Love the new looks alot brighter i think its a great improvement and seems to be running faster for me also.
seems to be working much better for me also, i like the new look of the site. good work
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i thought my internet was just being retarded again but i like it
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I like it. Nice job.
Looks Great!
Keep up the good work.
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Improved Dootalk = improved quality of life... Well that is if you live on here like me.... Good Job guys!!

I like the new look alot...great work in getting the site up and running!
I like it. But it was locked up the whole afternoon for me...

Looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I missed DT today,real bad!!!! I actually had to do a full 8 at work...

Glad it's back...Thanks Rev-Rider..
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I love it
this change is the best thing that has happened since MTM shortened his from Mary Tyler Morphine
Hey where the cheers icon
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