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fabric between pipe and aluminum cover

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Well i just got a 2000 formula DLX 700 and decided to clean it up so i took the exhaust off and it was bad the fabric was soaked and rotted the pipe and aluminum all to sh&%

i polished the aluminum all up and used a wire cup brush on my angle grinder and cleaned the pipe then painted it with stove paint

now the old fabric is #*&% what can i use to replace it to avoid rattleing of the trim

and do i need to seal the y pipe with anything when i put it back on???

thanks guys
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And can you buy the worm gear clamps that hold the aluminum trim on still?
you can buy new packing at any motorcycle after market parts place. same stuff the dirt bikes use in there silencers. any hose clamps will work, just measure with a sewing tape measure and get a clamp that is close, or trim excess with a side cutter,so it looks nice and clean good luck.
I just ordered the entire setup for my brothers mxz 500, the insulation and the clamps were something like 50 bucks? I did it to mine last year as well, best thing to do is take the stuff apart and paint your pipe every summer, and replace the wool insulation every couple of seasons.
I wraped the glass mat with glass cloth ( you know, the woven stuff) to try and contain the fiberglass dust under the hood. Seemed to work OK last season. The replacement straps aren't real expensive and are the proper length and width. Sure saves the hassle of making it fit, IMO.
If that fabric is "soaked" like you say, I would look that sled over good. Sounds like it may have been under water. I have had mine apart a couple times and it has never even been damp to touch.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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