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F/S 2003 Rx-1 Turbo / Possible SNOW X trades

2005-2006 440 Snow X sled raced sleds must be clean.

Any trade must be clean, rust free and never wrecked.

Lake race or trail use optional. Has Stage II Garret GT28 turbo should be capable of 21 lbs. Boost Sled has never been run above 15 lbs. A huge amount of time and money has been spent on this Monster. I would consider the following as partial trade:

A long list of extras include:

Northeast Turbo's turbo kit with upsized Turbo Approximately 21Lbs. Boost max.
External waste gate currently set to 15Lbs boost max.
Turbo XS RFL blow off valve
Turbo XS variable boost controller
Snow performance Methanol/Water injection system with computer control
Lightning Pro oil evacuation kit
White Knuckle GP-1 Exhaust
Glow shift boost gauge
Glow shift water temp gauge
Extrovert drivers
½ fully clipped speed track
192 Steel Ice picks
Geared for 150 MPH plus top speed
Clutched for same
9" Carbides
Black low windscreen
Blue Belly pan protector
Black boot traction grips
Handle bar raiser
Blue Yamaha snow flap

Currently set up for Ice dragging but will sell set up for trail use if buyer prefers.
Trail use will delete the Ice track, Methanol /water injection and blow off valve and add a stock RX-1 track with 192 carbide studs. Gearing, clutching and drivers will be changed for trail use and a top speed of about 135 MPH. This will lower the price by $500 or buyer could simply change track and turn down the boost to trail ride. $10,900

Sled and stock engine have 1700 prior to turbo install and now have about 2100 at the time of this ad. Internal engine is 100% stock. Sled is very clean never wrecked all stock suspension currently tuned to go fast, quickly. There are no cracks, rips, broker lugs, stud pull thru, rust, corrosion, stripped nuts, bolts, or screws. I am only selling to start a new project with an Apex. I have over $16,000 invested plus well over 100 hours of labor and tuning on this awesome sled. Last time out it did 143 on radar (that's 164 on the Dream-o-meter that Yamaha included on the dash). I believe it is quite capable of 150 MPH plus by simply turning up the boost and maybe more gearing. I just haven't gone there yet and I don't know if I want to risk it without internal engine upgrades. The sled has always been run with a 50/50 mix of 110 octane race gas and 93 pump gas since install of turbo but with the addition of the methanol/water injection it is not required. Sled can be run very safely at lower boost on regular 93octane pump gas. Sled is located in Southern Wisconsin comes with Wisconsin registration.
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