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Extending a 144" to a 151"

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I am not sure how many, if any have done this, but my old track had just shy of 10,000 miles on it and I was in need of a new one...The prices are pretty expensive, but tracksusa had a deal for a doo 151" track and rail extensions for $405 SHIPPED! So I jumped on it...The paddles seem close to my snow flap, but I figured when riding it would just be way up in the air...Has anyone done this, and if you did, did you do anything with the tunnel? Thanks guys!
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You should be able to make up the difference with a big wheel kit on your current set-up.
Id just like say i want to see pics when your done
sounds bad A** Like seein zx's going long
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Here are the pics that you requested...I should have some more by the end of the weekend, I am in the process of cleaning and polishing....

Do you guys think I need to do a tunnel extension or anything with the snow flap....

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Take off your snowflap and cut in just below the skidoo lettering. It will shorten it up enough so you dont suck it up into the track. Your sled looks great with the yellow lightsheild!
Thanks for the reply....I love the yellow light sheild too...but I could only use it for one season then they outlawed them in MI...So now its just a storage and racing decoration....
I took a 121 to 136 and did not use a tunnel extension. I took some black belting and bolted it to the bottom 1/3 of the snow flap and then bolted the other end to the top to hold the flap back and not get sucked in. People wondered why I could holeshot them in a race because they did not notice that the sled had the 136 track.
Wow....Thats quite a ways to not add a tunnel extension....I was looking closer at mine today, now that I have all the suspension back to my settings and whatnot I think I will be fine....

Has anyone put a REV renegade or summit rack on a zx summit?? Pics would be appreaceated thanks!!!
Updated shinny pics from today...Had to do some work on it since dootalk has been down

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