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Hi gents

my brother have a expy sport 2006 with a 550F in the Rev body.

he was complaining that the secondary had not enought preload. when going reverse in wet snow the pulley open so fast that the belt get stock, and its like trying to engage in 3rd gear so the engine is jerking and its burning belt if you push it to get you unstock.

we did last year a test of preload and we have recorded 26 pounds.

we have disambly the pulley, not that spring was in B2 (Formula RER) Pulley. we have reasembled it last week has per instruction in the service manual and and it was horrible, engine could not rev par 5000rpm, was not abble to go in lose snow and could not even get up the hill to the camp.

i have get my 2005 service manual (since expy sport in rev body was 05 and 06 model only) and we have the good cam, and spring.

in the technical data section of this book, its telling me that spring preload "N.A."

im not trying ot figure how the hell did we put 26pounds of preload last year and this year we are stuck with instruction that tell us no spring preload !?!?!?!

any idea to sort this out???
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