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Valcourt - Close to 100 people gathered at the J. Armand Bombardier Museum, to attend the launch of the interactive exhibition - Expedition: Arctic produced by the Canadian Museum of Civilization in collaboration with the Canadian Museum of Nature. This exhibition, which relives the triumphs and tragedies that marked the Canadian expedition of 1913-18, truly won over the attendees.

The exhibits highlight the profound impact of the expedition through the discovery of new lands and a better understanding of the Inuit culture in addition expanded and defended Canada's Arctic sovereignty. More than 100 extraordinary artefacts are showcased, most of which are being shown to the general public for the very first time - work instruments and various supplies used by the members of the expedition, tools and clothing made by the Copper Inuit and a variety of fossils, plants, mammals and birds. When visitors choose one of the 16 "Explorer Cards" (they're grouped into five categories - clothing makers, hunters, scientists, sailors, explorers) they experience the Expedition first hand, gaining an understanding of how this voyage of adventure and discovery unfolded (in chronological order). Visitors can track the movements of explorers Vilhjalmur Stefansson, R.M. Anderson and their companions, reliving the Expedition through the eyes of each character. Expedition: Arctic is an invitation to travel into the heart of our collective past, by way of one of the most fascinating adventures in Canada's history. « This is an epic adventure that every citizen of the country, from coast to coast to coast, ought to know something about, » said Mr. Nicolas Gauvin, the guest of honor at the event and Director, Travelling Exhibitions, Planning and Partnerships for the Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation. Mr. Gauvin said he was delighted to partner with the J. Armand Bombardier Museum and hoped this first collaboration would lead to others that would benefit both the institutions and their visitors. The North and the achievements associated with it, will also be highlighted in an extra component to the main exhibit entitled the Plaisted Polar Expedition - the first such foray into the North Pole on land, using motorised vehicles.

Expedition: Arctic runs until April 7. And hey, are you ready to depart on a grand adventure and become a member of this historic expedition? Get your snowshoes, compass, and beef jerky because the trek to the North is about to start!

About the J. Armand Bombardier Museum

Located in Valcourt, in the Eastern Townships region of Quebec, the J. Armand Bombardier Museum ( presents the life and work of the renowned inventor and entrepreneur Joseph-Armand Bombardier and tells the story of the snowmobile industry, which was in large part launched by this Quebec visionary.

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